Bang Trim$15+$15+$15+$15+$15+$25+
Child's Cut$40+$40+$45+---
Men's Cut$55+$55+$55+$60+$65+$90+
Women's Cut$85+$85+$85+ +$90+$100+$125+
All Over Roots$90+$90+$90+$100+$105+$105+
All Over Short$100+$100+$100+$110+$115+$125+
All Over Medium$115$115+$115+$125+$130+$150+
All Over Long$130$130+$130+$145+$150+$175+
All Over Ex Long$160+$160+$160+$175+$180+$200+
Bleach/Highlift Roots$100+$115+$115+$125+$125+$125+
Bleach/Highlift Short$110$125+$125+$130+$110+$150+
Bleach/Highlift Medium$130+$130+$130+$140+$140+$175+
Bleach/Highlift Long$170+$170+$170+$180+$190+$220+
Bleach/Highlift Ex Long$200$200+$200+$220+$245+$265+
Per Foil$15+$15+$15+$15+$20+$25+
Half Set Highlights$150+$150+$150+$160+$165+$175+
Full Set Highlights$185+$185+$185+$195+$200+$250+
Corrective Color/Color Renovation$150/hour$150/hour$150/hour$150/hour$150/hour$175/hour
Conditioning Treatment$45+$45+$45+$45+$45+$75+
Olaplex$45+$45+$50+$45+$45+ $45+
**Perm/Body Wave--$200+$200+$200+-
Global Keratin Blowout--$200+$400+$200+$350+
Brazilian Blowout--$400+---
Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment------
Blow Dry$50+$50+$65+$55+$65+$75+
Blow Dry w/ Extensions--$100+-$90+$150+
**Wedding Servicesconsultconsultconsultconsultconsultconsult
Brow Clean-up$22+-$22+$22+--
Brow Reshaping$32+-$32+$32+-
Lip Wax$12+-$12+$12+--
Full Face Make-Up$70+-----
*All services start at listed price and are subject to change based on hair length and density.
*When booking a color service online, if you are going lighter, please book Bleach/Highlift and not All Over Color so enough time is allotted. If you have questions, or are going drastically lighter (i.e. black or dark brown to blonde or platinum), please call to book or email us.
**Styling services can include a wash and blow dry, but do NOT include any pinning of any kind.
**Updo's please come in with clean and dry hair, unless otherwise directed by stylist.
**Perm's, unless you have done them with your stylist before, require consultation (complimentary).
**Please call us for Wedding services of any kind. Prices are different and a consultation and a trial are required.